Abruptly discarded, my limp body dropped.

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My father has always loved to garden, some would say that he has a green finger. I don’t know about a green finger but I can attest to an iron fist. Studying and analysing his plants he would tend to them with such care, watching as they flourished all around us. So precious to my father, the plants in the garden were not there to be enjoyed, not by us anyway. Prohibited from even going anywhere near them let alone touching them, “You look with your eyes and not your hands!” Naturally, I knew this and so it stayed with me while I played. Although anxious, I would discreetly ask my friends not to touch but it seemed to go over their heads. Lacking comprehension and completely unaware they would carelessly continue playing. Of course they weren’t interested in the plants but still I felt the need to remind them…

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Kneeling beside the tub…

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Kneeling beside the tub I would sit, chin resting on one hand, propped up by the side of the bath. Immersed in the warm soapy depth,  I used my other hand to wash water over her growing belly. Curious I would explore, gently probing the soft, round shape all the while studying the flashes of purple. Scar tissue that lit up, glistening under the water, reflecting the night light. Consumed, my gaze would move between her stomach and the black mascara that trickled over her cheeks. Transfixed, I watched the stream of tributaries as they meandered across and down her face. Diluted, slate grey boulders streamed from red, raw, blood shot eyes. She would cry so hard. The pain in her face was one that I understood and so quietly I sat and observed all the while sharing her sadness.

The sound of silence was disturbed only by a whimper…

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